Monday, January 4, 2010


I love Craigslist, consignment sales, and garage sales. I will take any and all hand-me-downs. I have ALMOST no limits. I get way too much enjoyment from procuring three grocery bags full of clothing for my son for $5, only to open them up and find that they include TWO denim jackets, a pair of shoes in his size from Gymboree, a fireman jacket, and clothing from places such as the Gap, Calvin Klein, and LL Bean. But I do have my limits.

I will buy, hide away, and strategically bring out over 100 Matchbox cars (for $10) no matter how beat up they look (as long as they aren't broken!). I will buy a lot of toys even if I don't want all of them- and then bring them home and turn around and sell the ones I don't want.... last time I wound up with $200 worth for $10, only to end up making $50 off the ones I didn't want.

There is a lot of Clorox Anywhere spray usage in my house. But I do have limits. And what are my limits (my husband asks repeatedly)? Here they are:

Things I will not buy used:
Anything that goes in the mouth (utensils, bottles, binkies, teethers... that people try to sell these items used drives me crazy)

Um... yeah. That's pretty much it. :) Anything else can be cleaned with Anywhere Spray, bleach, and good old fashioned hot water.

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