Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We have been sick.

Seriously, it was never-ending there for a while. First I got some minor stomach bug, which was followed a week later by a more serious one. That one had the good sense to manifest itself at work, forcing me to barf in my work bathroom. I was horrified. Fortunately, I was working late duty (10:30am-7pm) and it was 6pm, so there weren't many people around to witness or hear my humiliation! Unfortunately, we had had a "food day". Throwing up buffalo chicken dip = no fun. Later that night my husband had the joy of seeing me throw up in a garbage can. It's a good thing we're already married, or he might have run screaming into the night. Then, of course, the Boy got it in the middle of the night. Poor little man, he's only 19 months old, had no idea what was happening to him, and threw up twice in his crib. A musical elephant met its demise, but other than that everything came clean. Even though he had had grape tomatoes for dinner. He segued from that into bronchitis, so there has been an extreme over-viewing of Cars and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at our house.

Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggety dog, we've got ears, it's time for cheers......

Fortunately, the lovely lovely Zithromax seems to have destroyed the evil bronchitis, and the Boy is better today, although still tired and cranky. He toddled on off to his friends when I dropped him off at day care this morning.

In other news, my husband and I might be insane. We love our current apartment; we love the area; we are happy there and we can afford it. We didn't intend to move until we have another little one on the way or in the house (which, god willing, won't be for another couple years). However, me being me, I'm always on the lookout for a 3-bedroom we can afford. I found one today; however it's about half an hour away from where we currently live. The downside would be that we would have to move in general (HATE) and would be moving away from an area we love. The upside would be that we were in a 3-bedroom we could afford, and would be living closer to two families we love and often have playdates with. I think our general consensus is that we still don't plan to move; however if the place is awesome we might end up taking it. We're going to look at it tonight; we shall see what happens.

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