Friday, February 12, 2010

Bliss Week

This week, the Dude's sitter has been on vacation. What was first a nightmare of logistics has turned into an amazing, wonderful week, leaving me wishing that things could be like this more often.

Daddy was home with the Boy Tuesday and today. On Tuesday, they went to the children's museum and made a card for me (dying of the cuteness). Yesterday, my mother-in-law's sig other took on the Boy for a day. I'm sure he left our home needing a nap- but our Boy could not stop raving about "Say-um. Say-um" (Sam). There were Matchbox cars everywhere and half a bag of cheese balls had been consumed. I'd say it was a good day. But Wednesday- Wednesday! That was MY day home with my guy. And it was amazing. We went to the library- tried out storytime, but at 20 months, he is just too young to sit still. Actually, I don't know if this kid will ever sit still before kidnergarten. Unless of course, Cars or monster trucks are on the tv. So we colored a picture for Daddy, played in the children's room, and had a discussion about the "shishies" (fishies).

There were cuddles. There were kisses. There was much chasing of the Boy. There was sharing of sheese (cheese). There was playing with cars. There was stroking his soft, blond hair and inhaling that baby scent of the top of his head. That scent which is much less present these days. I sniff and sniff the top of his head, as if I can save it up for future reference when the scent is no longer there. My husband thinks I'm crazy- but I'm convinced this is a scent that only mommies can smell.

It made me wish so hard that I didn't have to work. That I could stay home with my Boy and have days like that every day. I know it's good for him to have his day care- it's a small, family home day care with only a few other kids, most of whom are all around his age. He is happy there and calls the other kids his buddies. He has fun, and is learning. We need my income in our home. I know that I can't be a stay-at-home mom, and that there isn't anything wrong with that. But it doesn't stop me from wishing.

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