Thursday, May 21, 2009

I Go Out Walking

And lo, the boy is walking. And walking and walking and walking.

And the Mama is learning firsthand that when the boy is quiet, it means he is Up. To. No. Good. Unrolling the toilet paper. Trying to eat kitty food. Playing in the kitty water, or with the toilet lid.

We didn't want to go crazy babyproofing, since I know the boy will have to be in homes where no babyproofing has been done. I also firmly believe that he can and should learn the meaning of the word no, as well as what can be played with and what can't. Don't worry, I put latches on the cabinet doors and socket thingies in the electrical sockets. I have my eye on him at all times and when I am not in the same room with him (despite the fact that we have a small, square apartment where I can basically peer into every room from one of the other rooms), he is in his exersaucer or his pack and play. (And what do you do once they outgrow the saucer? I shudder at the thought!)

So he is learning...slowly... and in the meantime I spend all my days running after him.. and loving it!

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