Monday, May 11, 2009

Mama's Day

My first real Mother's Day was awesome.

We took the little Dude to a local festival, where he discovered the joy of a goat nibbling on his wee little finger, and chuckled each and every time. I was given a surprise birthday party by my wonderful husband, who presumably looked into my brain to find out what would be the best thing for me, to cheer me up and make me feel loved and special. Watching my little guy run around and play with the daughter of our friends totally made my day, not to mention my friends who surrounded me with love. Then the boy spent the night at Nana's, and my husband and I went home to watch a movie at WHATEVER! VOLUME! WE! WANTED! Not to mention we finished! it!

I slept til 8:30 am.... there was a time in my life when I would have thrown a large hissy fit at having to get up at that hour, and now I call it sleeping in. Does that officially make me a Mama or what?

My husband also showed that he has immense faith in me by giving me a miniature rosebush for Mother's Day. I am what is known as Death to Plants and can surely have been forgiven for saying in disbelief, "You got me a PLANT?"

Today I spent my day being led around the house by the guy, with the ribbon to a leftover party balloon clenched in one chubby fist and my finger clenched in the other. Round and round we went, through the living room into the kitchen and back again. His little legs going and going and going. And I just let him lead me, and took a moment to look at the world through his eyes. Because in a month I go back to work, and it will break my heart. He will love getting to be with other kids during the day, and I know it will be good for him. But these days with him have been the sweetest, funniest, hardest, and most rewarding of my life.

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