Sunday, May 24, 2009

Last First Holiday

As we were on our way to a barbeque this afternoon, Husband helpfully pointed out that this Memorial Day is the boy's Last First Holiday. Being born on June 9th, he came just in time for Father's Day last year. I can't believe we've already reached this point!

While you're pregnant, everyone tells you that the time flies by so quickly. Yet there's no way to truly know this, to understand the insane quickness of it all, until it happens to you. Wasn't it only a couple weeks ago that my feet were so swollen that people were horrified at the sight of them and I was basically reduced to sitting on the couch, drinking lemon water, because EVEN MY FLIP FLOPS DIDN'T FIT ANYMORE?

It was seriously not all that long ago that I was sitting at work, noticing that my stomach felt all weird and tight- which sent me to the doctor with false labor for the FIRST of TWO times? (When my water broke, I celebrated- they had to let me stay and give birth this time!)

And really, it was like FIVE. minutes.ago that we came home with this wee, tiny little guy who refused to be swaddled and would kick and kick and kick until he escaped his burrito, at which point he would fall asleep in various entertaining positions and be totally content.

I definitely intend to write about these things at a later date. I know they are totally less than interesting to non-Mommys out there, but I also think that very few non-Mommys would bother to click on "Big Trubs BABY" anyway. Yeah? So.

I have watched this little guy as he learned to smile (seven weeks), sleep through the night (fifteen weeks), eat solid (i.e. baby) food (four months), roll over (five months), sit up (six months), stand up (nine months), take his first steps (ten months), and WALK (eleven months). We have delighted in each and every brand new, totally amazing thing he's done. TODAY he learned to put a lid back on a container, and I know many people will find that ridiculous, but I see it that he is clearly gifted. So there. And now we've come to the end of his first holidays.

I'm not silly to be a little sad, right?

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